Bellwether election in North Carolina swept by Republicans

Imagine if there was a convoluted last minute special election in a tiny district in San Francisco, and Obama went there to campaign and the Democrats spent millions of dollars on radio ads, and the Republican lost by 2 points.


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I admire the spin they’re putting on it. Of course, they have to. Its just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better. There’s a history of that.

Certainly looks like it… Say, didn’t Mark Harris “win” the election that was invalidated? Wonder why he wasn’t running… oh yeah, medical issues…

lol. Ok. I mean … dems came really close in a district that has been under GOP control for like 50 years. But sure, bellweather or whatever.

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Came close twice and the last time the GOP committed election fraud.


Oh, the “Dem’s” were just joking about it being a “bellwether election”.


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I don’t think they really believed that this was a done deal. This seat had not been held by a Democrat since 1963. The polls had it neck and neck within the MOE with about 7% undecided. And Democrat that thought this seat was absolutely going to flip was not playing with a full deck.

Did you watch all of the MSNBC prime time shows last night?
They were not “very, very disappointed” because all of them knew that all of the indicators had this as a long shot win.

Who said that?

And I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that there are some folks in the
RNC leadership that are thinking really hard on what the implications are due to this outcome.

Go easy on them, guys. They don’t have much to work with it.

Trump worshipers? Was Trump running for North Carolina’s 9th District?


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Why use reality to throw cold water on a Republican celebration. The Republicans have held this seat since 1962 and Trump took the district by 12% in 2016. The Republicans had to throw in $20 and a Presidential visit to barely hold on to a safe seat. If there supporters want to crow about a great victory all one can say is party on!

Trump’s message at his rally in the district on Monday was that this election is a referendum on his Presidency so in answer to your question of whether he was running… effectively yes.

Of course everything is about Donald Trump in Donald Trump’s mind. Perhaps we are foolish go along with him…

I agree. I shall let them have their whoopee. And I shall wait until November 2020 when the worm turns.

Pretty common occurrence among the GOP.

Good to have the will of the people represented. And it looks like the will of the people has moved 10 or more points in that district since Trump was elected.

It’s gonna take a lot of money and a lot of travel if the GOP has to spend millions of dollars and Presidential rallies to hold districts they used to take by double digits.

Congrats to the new congressman.

This thread is a bellwether unto itself.

2 points in an 11 point district? Yikes.

Much can happen between now and the November 2020 election that could swing things either way so I am unwilling to make any predictions personally. But the trends we have seen since 2016 were repeated in this election. There is a substantial swing among suburban voters from R to D since the 2016 election that turns safe Republican seats like this into hot contests. And while Hillary Clinton was not as effective at driving Democratic turnout as a successful candidate would have been, Donald Trump does an outstanding job of driving Democratic turnout.