Beliefs in Those Who Have Passed Watching Over

Or reincarnation. Does anyone have any beliefs of that nature?

At a skating rink last month I had an experience that was unsettling. A young employee bore an uncanny resemblance to Christopher, someone I will call the nicest man on Planet Earth.

Problem is, Christopher died accidentally some months ago. I did a double take on the ice, eventually asking did he have any relatives by a particular surname, to which he replied no.

Young employee was gently guiding a little girl learning to skate, & all I could think was that was something Christopher would have loved & been patient with his own son doing. Does anyone believe those who have passed have in some sense remained? Or in reincarnation?

I believe that when you die you start your life over. Your life will play out exactly the same as it did the previous time, but you will have a greater awareness of how your actions effect others around you, even if it will never affect a change in your actions throughout your life.

I believe that the brain (a biological quantum computer) receives consciousness rather than being a generator of it. When your “antenna” stops receiving, the signal/lifetime of information returns to its origin.

We are the universe observing itself.