Being American Isn’t a Skin Tone But Knowing What Your Freedoms Are and Defending Them

It looks like love really can trump hate. Here are some recent stories that show that love for America and support for President Trump can unite a divided nation:

American isn’t a skin tone. It’s an ideology. It’s a mental state. It’s knowing what your freedoms are and defending those freedoms, not just for yourself but for everyone else. . .

Here are some photos of yesterday’s Trump rally in Beverly Hills:

Meanwhile Noor bin Ladin says she been attacked more for supporting Trump than for being the niece of Osama bin Laden:

Do you think any of these stories will appear on CNN?

Unless it’s BLM defending their freedoms. Then it’s domestic terrorism


Sadly BLM leaders seem more intent on pushing a Marxist ideology and defunding the police than solving real problems. Here are examples where Republicans are the clear choice on the issues:

The vast majority of African Americans support school choice as does President Trump, but not Joe Biden or BLM:

The vast majority of African Americans are against defunding the police, Republicans oppose defunding while BLM and many Democrats support it:

Perhaps that is why Trump’s approval is hitting record highs among African-Americans:

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The police are the problem and we should defund them.

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How the ■■■■ is rioting, looting and arson “defending their freedoms”?

It’s a statement telling the cops and the state that they are not in control.

Government official and Hollywood celebrities are fine with defunding the police since they have their own private security. Average citizens can’t afford that option.

■■■■ the celebrities and ■■■■ the police.

I don’t think it does, but it’s what they think.

In order for this to be true…

Defending freedoms is subjective.

Boston Tea Partiers thought they were defending their freedoms by rioting

White people in Tulsa thought they were defending their freedoms when they rioted in 1921

And so on

Strange how everyone ignores those corrupt Politicians responsible for the police or is it deliberate for the sheeple?

And ■■■■ Christmas.