Being a liberal politician (and/or connected to them) can really pay off

I just love hearing how these liberals go on and on about how unfair America is yet somehow they all make it big in this country. Maybe they ought to open schools and teach the American people just what their secrets to success are?

reporting between $36 million and $149 million in various assets in her new disclosure filing released Saturday morning.

That’s nearly three to four times the amount she reported back in 2009, when she joined the Obama administration as the ambassador to the United Nations.

This enrichment that is so much more than what their government job pays appears to be prevalent on both sides of the political aisle…and it’s what is called “the swamp”.

Should be barred from lobbying.

Susan Rice hasn’t worked as a lobbyist.

This is one of those “define your terms” moments, also. You have to define “lobbying” to bar someone from doing it.

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She made her money on financial investments, book deals and speaking engagements, not lobbying

This looks like just a rant about grievances, and not really a discussion topic.

Of course they made money between working in the Obama and Biden administrations. White House experience is a very valuable commodity in the private sector.

I remember a thread a few months ago, full of conservatives whining that Trump staffers couldn’t get the fancy jobs in the private sector that they were somehow owed.

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She’s also on the boards of a couple big corporations, I think. I know she’s a director of Netflix.

And a diverse portfolio of investments (including TransCanada)

Susan Rice net worth is $40 million. In 2009 it was $35 million. What’s the problem again?

LOL, of course ONLY liberals.

Yeah that book and speaking engagement thing is crooked as well.

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Ex-politicians should also be barred from writing books or giving speeches? Exactly what is crooked about it? Please elaborate

^ vehement defender of Citizens United


And all of a sudden things that are “technically not illegal” are no longer acceptable


Once one has existed in high levels of government, I have no doubt that opportunities not available to the rest of us are multitudinous. You become an “insider”. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, why shouldn’t they take advantage of that and on the other, nothing comes for free and surely they are “selling” access to certain advantages to lobbyists etc.

Laundering influence peddling pay offs.

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What does Citizens United have to do with lobbying?

The Trumplovers avoid looking at their own faults. They prefer to froth about libs. Only libs.

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They are the ones who rile up the population about how unfair America is, do they not?

Which part incessantly complains about the unfairness and inequities of America?

PS - Not Trump lover. Guy was a jackass, although there’s plenty of those in politics.