BEIJING BETRAYAL? Trump Accuses China of MEDDLING in North Korea Talks

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President Trump hinted Monday that the Chinese government may be meddling in bilateral negotiations between the United States and North Korea; saying Beijing may be “exerting negative pressure” as Pyongyang aims to denuclearize.

The Commander-in-Chief called out President Xi Jinping on social media earlier Monday, saying he was “confident” that Kim Jong Un was prepared to honor his agreement but said Beijing may be meddling over the United States’ trade posture towards China.

“I have confidence that Kim Jong Un will honor the contract we signed &, even more importantly, our handshake. We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea. China, on the other hand, may be exerting negative pressure on a deal because of our posture on Chinese Trade-Hope Not!” the President tweeted.

The President’s comments come just days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang, meeting with high-ranking North Korean leaders to advance their commitment to abandon Kim’s nuclear weapons program.