Beginning with the end in mind?

Static or dynamic?
beginning or the end?
If you rack your brain for a few pensive moments and ask yourself what’s next. How often do you say nothing I am completely satisfied?
Was your first job the job you still have or did you aspire for more?
what about your house or your car?
I presume that most of you have aspired for more as your life progressed.

Is the same true in public policy? Do policy makers get satisfied after one victory of do they aspire for more. Do corporations settle for one good quarter or to they strive to dominate and expand their markets?

Given human nature and the compounding influence that group think provides, should we focus on policy as static, or should we expect that each step is just another in a series to a predetermined objective?

What are the objectives of movements? What are the limits on fundamental transformation?

would it be foolish to begin without the end in mind?

When people present to slippery slope arguments are they conspiracy theorists or just rational people that realize actions have consequences?

Do you believe each action is singular in nature of part of a series of planned behavior?