Bay of Pigs 2 (Venezuela)

Not sure who you think is cheering for Maduro.

I for one have opposed Chavez/Maduro from the moment the regime came to power.

when are we overthrow Saudi Arabia?

the only difference between Venezuela and other horrible countries is they don’t want to be our friend.

Canada couldn’t overthrow the Vatican. :slight_smile:

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Yet everytime there is a comflict you ask for our help

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No we don’t. Your boys just jump on the truck for a ride along.

You send token forces just so Canada can brag about “helping”. Nothing more.

You haven’t deployed a combat force of any size since WWII.

Canad couldn’t take Monaco even with the help of a British Armored Brigade.


I think anyone who served with Canadian forces in Afghanistan would disagree.

with the help of the British we might burn down your capital again.

but let get back at you pretending to care about the people of Venezuela.

Disagree about what? There was no combat force of much size there. They did have some good snipers however.

I don’t give a ■■■■■ You haven’t deployed a combat force of any size anywhere since WWII.

The largest force Canada ever had in Afghanistan was 3,000 and less than 500 of them were shooters and door kickers.

This thread is about events in Venezuela, not the Canadian military.

Well, it was.

I’m learning some great lessons on how to treat our allies here.

Remember during the second Iraq War when US touted the “Coalition of the Willing”, and posters here were proud to show Canada with their 500 troops was a part of it.

Apparently 17 years later, we ignore that and ■■■■ on our allies.

To be fair, I really only see one particular poster that is treating Canada contemptuously.

Personally, Canada would be stupid to spend substantial money on their military, when they have an absolute guarantee of their security, being sandwiched in between the lower 48 States and Alaska.

Spend the money elsewhere.

And, of course, I am a strong proponent of all nations minding their own ******* business.

Nobody is ignoring it. It was a token "Me Too “force” they were sending for show since we’ve provided most of their defense since WWII at our own expense.


Okay, sure.

Funny you are still wrong. That debate was over wether we were going it alone or not. We proved we were not. This one was wether or not they sent a substantial force, which they did not.

You are consistent though.

Hey, give those 12 Canadians who actually participated in the war some credit! :wink:

Canada sent zero people to Iraq till a Canadian aid workers was kidnapped and held hostage then we sent special forces to Iraq.

the only Canadian who served in Iraq where though serving with American units as part of the exchange program, I think we also sent a few ship to help keep shipping lanes open.