Bay of Pigs 2 (Venezuela)

A Green Beret who thought he was Rambo decided to instigate his own private war against Venezuela.

Of course, it failed spectacularly, before it even got started.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As investigated and confirmed by the Associated Press, the United States Government had no involvement or knowledge of this plot.

For a change, this was entirely private stupidity.

Ive gotta say this is a really thing to laugh about.

The people continue to starve, die, live in misery, fear, and under constant threat of govt retaliation even in good times, much less during an oil crash and you want to deride those willing to put their lives on the line to end the suffering.



Come down off of your crucifix.

I am not laughing about the people.

I am laughing about this ******* moron.

Nothing disgusting at all about my post so just get over it.


Theres been some chatter about Goudreau among the troops. He lost the plot somewhere, probably Iraq. And he didnt have the skills for this. Theyve been doing DA for 20 years.

Mr. Mattos doesnt know his history. Of course SEALs dont do UW either.

The Venezuelans are childlike in their collective belief that their constitution will right the ship, theyre just one election away.

It can be done, they did it wrong. No patience. No understanding. No logistics.

I hope Goudreau gets the help he needs.

What happened to Castro in '53? Chavez in '92? I wouldnt laugh too hard.

By the way, military dot com is a source.

Again, I am laughing at this particular guy.

Perhaps somebody might overthrow Maduro some day.

I would be most happy to see Maduros blood spattered corpse.

But it WONT be because of, or at the hands of Jordan Rambo Goudreau.

Yes, Goudreau was in the Green Berets and won 3 Bronze Stars. But he was a medic.

Sometimes a man can develop a grossly inflated self image of himself and his capabilities and that was what happened with Goudreau.

He was in over his head from the beginning and ended up making a total clown of himself.

Maduro may or may not get his some day.

It wont be from Goudreau.

For this to be Bay of Pigs 2, as the title indicates, it would be necessary to show that this group was organized, trained and paid for by the CIA and that Trump gave the go ahead for the attack.
Nothing in the article supports that.

In the OP, I CLEARLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY point out that this was a private operation with no United States Government involvement whatsoever.

The Bay of Pigs reference was simply a reference to the total **** up of the situation, not a reference to government involvement.


I know.

You dont know that.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1: Oh Safiel, if you only knew

Could be. Or cocaine is a helluva drug or anyone of 100 other things.

Probably not, like I said, he doesnt have the UW skill set required. SF has drifted for the past 20 years.

But it could be. Castro. Chavez.

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You should just stop now and ask for this thread to be deleted before it gets any worse.

Dont nit pick. It was an amateurish goat rope. So was the Pig Bay.

I wonder if Goudreau even speaks Spanish.

The difference needs noting. In todays political atmosphere there are those who would love nothing more than to falsely label this as Trumps Bay of Pigs.

Im thikin if hed spent any significant time operating in that area youd probably know him personally.


He noted it.

Its things like this that make me miss the Old Pros. I cried when Cura Perez died. I still miss Fidel and Che. Ill miss Gabino.

Diosdado Cabello, the No. 2 most powerful person in the country and eminence grise of Venezuelas vast intelligence network, insisted that the government had infiltrated the plot for months.

We knew everything, said Cabello. Some of their meetings we had to pay for. Thats how infiltrated they were.

This part had me in tears.

Cheer while you can, his days are numbered.

Not much interest, eh @Safiel ?

That is actually one reason I put the above quote in my OP. I made it quite clear from the start that Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with this.