BaWaaaay! Haha Ha 🤣🤣

What stupid statement?

Aside: I think “Sniffy Joe” is better than Brandon

Nothing, not a single thing, in all of history, is better than Brandon.


Black people arent even at the table in the republicans Congress. They are the help.

So yes I’d rather be at the table than be the help.

:rofl: I’m flailing. Who sits at the card table on Thanksgiving?

Yes you went from



You’d rather Brandon than Google search :rofl:


Joseph Stealin is.

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Meh, I don’t know. Brandon has more in common with Biden than Iosif Dzhugashvili.

She must believe they have put together an even better “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”” than in 2020.

Why? Why do I lose this privilege if I can’t vote for or against her?

I have to concur.

The entire evolution and use of Brandon is a thing of destiny.

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I have a sibling who wears a Let’s Go Brandon shirt to work.

She was a democrat a few years ago. :rofl:


Just heard a TV ad with a Promo discount code of letsgobrandon.


Probably help sales.

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I agree. The GOP’s ascension into a party of trolls was destiny.

The seriousness of the charges Russia Russia Russia!


And what makes you think you’re qualified?

Have to admit…I called her retirement.


That old bird isn’t going anywhere until that BOTOX filled carbon and water vessel of hers fails.

Could be another 10 years or more.

Deals made in cold, designer ice cream filled rooms…