Battling Fake Accounts, Twitter to Slash Millions of Followers

Shocker. I wonder if message boards will ever have to address this issue.

What would be the purpose of making a fake account that you don’t use on a message board?

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An investigation by The New York Times in January demonstrated that just one small Florida company sold fake followers and other social media engagement to hundreds of thousands of users around the world, including politicians, models, actors and authors.

The revelations prompted investigations in at least two states and calls in Congress for intervention by the Federal Trade Commission.

Why is government wasting time on this?

I am programmed to like this post. The government should look into it, people with think you are more popular with humans than you really are. It’s obviously a grave threat to the republic.

Campaign laws. Conflict of interest laws.

Link to applicable statutes in regard to having fake followers on twitter?

Inflate the stats of their favorite user or their own i imagine.

I post on a sports message board and we had an influx of rival fans (~ 20) before the NCAA tourney last year. Turns out the mods said they all came from the same IP and banned them all. Another poster said he tracked it to a residential account. Not sure how that last part was done though.

What stats?

System keeps track of when an account logs on, how long they are on, how many threads it reads, how many posts it makes, how many likes it makes, how many posts it makes.

If an account is only logging on and liking posts, it’s known here.

Advertisers are going to want to see users that have logged on, and are spending time going through threads.

Fake accounts just don’t do much on a message board, not like twitter with it’s followers and Facebook with it’s “like” and you can see how many people like something.

Im not talking about here but its very common for people like 4channers to conduct a “raid” by creating fake accounts and upvoting or pushing a particular message to the top and drown out other messages. They also will downvote other messages or false flag people. Theres even some breitbarters that do this all the time.