Basic Math: Keep dividing and results keep getting smaller

Hey Dems:
Divide the country, divide the races, divide (and subdivide) the sexes, divide the classes, divide young and old, and now, at last, you have divided your party. Y’all need to take a math course. Just sayin’.


I can hear the libs of the future…right now…“all hail AOC”. :sunglasses:

Oh ■■■■■ You just made me think of something!

If Pocahontas gets elected, what will happen the first time they play “Hail to the Chief”?



What if we divide by fractions? Then we start getting larger! Haha, jokes on you, learn to math!


Do you mean 16 divided by a quarter gives you 64? Basic maths like that?

What can men do against such reckless savagery? :rofl:

Just for the fact that they the Democratic Party helped fund Obama’s spygate makes them a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Rights and freedoms.

Vote the sickos out!

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People who use “they” all the time lecturing about division.



Like telling brown US citizens to “ go back to your country”

Or like saying a Mexican Judge can’t do his job because he is Mexican?

Or like calling Republicans who didn’t vote for you human scum?

Or Calling NFL players SOBs for support silent protests? (While at the same time praising MLK)

Like that type of division?


I wondered before I posted if someone would say that. divide by fractions, the number gets larger but that is not relevant to my post. Maybe I should have said multiply by zero.

Couldn’t help but to laugh. :laughing:

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Jokes on you. You had a Republican congress so they appropriated the funds. Sickos

You will get zero.

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With traitors like Paul Ryan and John McCain good try.:rofl:

Great thread.

WeStAussie: That was my point. I am a math zealot … all the way to infinity.