Barry O, 6 Billion Dollars n Baltimore

Over a 8 year period, Barry O n the Democrats gave Baltimore 6 Billion dollars,
looking at Baltimore today, it’s very CLEAR, Democrats n all the money in the world,
can’t n won’t fix anything they touch, just look around, it’s a clear fact, Chicago, Baltimore, Calif. the list goes on and on.
Like I’ve said for years, Democrats have Munchausen, they create problems and then need our money to try and fix them, this has to STOP!

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If you look at the states that receive the most federal aid, notice that red states (i.e., Republican run) are #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Lets stop giving money to these moochers!


Please stop it with your facts… Trumpflakes do not comprehend facts

Oh you libs with your link and your facts…

They don’t need facts; they have alternatives.

Fun fact - the deficit was soaring when the democrats had the White House and Congress. The deficit was also soaring when the republicans had congress and the democrats had the White House. The deficit was also soaring when the republicans had both the White House and Congress.

Anyone see a pattern here?

What 8 year period was that?
Republicans controlled the House from 2011 - 2018, and the Senate from 2015 - present?

Did Obama declare a National Emergency and give money to Baltimore without the consent of Congress?


Yes, one side says they are fiscally responsible until their elected. The other side does not say that.

And yet both are not fiscally responsible. hm?..

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My bad, it was 6 billion over a 5 year time period, prolly one of those times he just did what he wanted to do and bypassed them, like he did when they rammed Obarrycare down our throats, Barry O n the Democrats threw so much stuff against the wall, its hard to remember all the details of ALL the things they were doing behind closed doors

I guess asking for an impartial source, to back up this ridiculous claim, is out of the question. :rofl:

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How did he bypass Congress to " ram Obarrycare down our throats"?

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The weather is great today in downtown Charm City.

Yea well Trump just gave eleventy bazillion to Baltimore yesterday and they used it to buy crack and lobster.


You mean like how the republicans did with the tax cut?

So it doesn’t matter what ACTUALLY happened, but rather what you THINK happened, since your memory is foggy on the matter? Is that what you’re running with?

“Deficits don’t matter…”

In this case, to anyone.

Going up to Bmore tomorrow. The wife went to college in Bmore…shout out to Morgan State!

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This thread proves that some people have no problem being, and remaining, willfully ignorant.

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This thread is a text book example of an OP/Thread fail.

I don’t do links, watch Fox sometimes and you wont need any links