Barr to investigate FBI conduct during Russia investigations


I can “hear” his actions just fine.

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So now the gov’t is funding conspiracy theory investigations? Great. Maybe we’ll now get the truth about Roswell.

Are you opposed to looking into the FBI for possible wrong doing? Or are you just assuming that their wasn’t any?

Not at all. Have no problem with it.

It’s something.


They funded one for two whole years.
No Collusion.

Now you don’t want to find out why we wasted two years searching for collusion that never existed?
Remember…if they have nothing to hide they wan’t object. I just read that about somebody or others taxes.

Seriously…Barr is head of the DOJ. He isn’t supposed to review how his people did their work?
This isn’t some bogus special counsel set up.

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I honestly don’t expect much out of this. We go pretty easy on government scandals. The IRS even admitted to targeting conservatives. A criminal act. Nobody was held accountable. Take the 5th and walk away.

That was certainly true for the previous lawless Administration but since many of the Intelligence agencies leadership “leftovers” of that Administration have already been booted out so hopefully Barr’s clean up crew can sweep out the rest of the corrupt dung!

Yeah tell that to the Democrats in Congress since they are the only ones demanding the AG “break the law”!

Another mafia like move. To be expected.

Hmmm… seems like this perfectly valid point has been made a million times…

… about Robert Mueller.


Barr mentioned in his testimony today that the IG has a pending investigation on this matter. He thought it would be complete in May or June.

Wrong thread.
There is already an open discussion on this topic.

Isnt a review of an investigation fairly standard procedure?

What am I missing here?

This administration is corrupt as hell

There are serious questions regarding the way the FBI handled this. I’m not sure why anyone would not want them answered.

Did you hear the explanation of why a Presidential candidate was place under surveillance by Obama? I didn’t.

Oh gosh… Trump didnt wire tapped stop it