Barr to investigate FBI conduct during Russia investigations

Am I expecting much from this? Of course not. As we know, typically government does a poor job of policing itself. Any misconduct will be whitewashed. It’s all for show.

So Trump’s AG is going to investigate the FBI? Awesome.

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Wait…no crime was committed. Why have an investigation? Thats what I’ve heard


The fbi was mean to trump. They must pay for that.

Wait. Is this a witch hunt? Say it isn’t so.


Okay. But you won’t like it. :innocent:

Relax. He’s done this before. Has been in public service for decades without a hint of anything improper. Judge him by his record. He’s not going to target innocent people. Your worries are unfounded.

I’m not worried. I think it’s a great move.

Ok. I’ll say it. It ain’t so. Witch hunts need a target. Who’s the target?

The FBI’s reputation.

So you think the Barr was ordered to do this by the President? And that Barr is corrupt?

Is a review synonymous with investigation?

All investigations are reviews but not all reviews are investigations…

Yes. If his inaccurate summary wasn’t enough to convince you, this move should.

It has the appearance that the FBI took it’s orders from the DNC and the Hillary campaign. They were given a bogus Dossier funded by the dems and used it without any vetting what so ever. They assumed it was legit. Why did they make that assumption? Plus some FBI agents admitted that this would be an insurance policy to use against Trump if he was elected. There is some evidence that the FBI colluded with Hillary. Agreed?

BTW, I know that your news sources did not cover this. I understand why you did not know.

Drip, drip, drip…

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If they didn’t do anything wrong, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind trump ordering the current crew to do the same type of stuff.

Thanks in advance.

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Funny that trump supporters now argue that “appearance” warrants an investigation. :laughing:

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The President can’t order the AG to do anything that would be a conflict of interest and maybe illegal.

There are a lot of assumption in this post.