Barr says his summary wasn't a summary

What the heck? He calls it a “supplemental report” then goes on to say he summarized the principal conclusions.

I guess maybe he thinks that we all thought that when he summarized we didn’t know he wasn’t including everything in the actual nearly 400 page report. That’s all I can think of that he’s trying to say.

This is all so bizarre.

Did Barr think by posting his “summary” so quickly that everyone would be satisfied? Now that Congress wants the full un-redacted report to review, did Barr suddenly go “Oh crap, maybe I was too quick with a summary on a report I didn’t really read.”

He is saying that he summarized, after saying this wasn’t a summary, the general conclusions. So I’m not sure why he’s saying this at all.

Do you really not understand what he is saying there?

He clear all this up by delivering an unredacted copy of the report and all the supporting data to Chairman Schiff by Tuesday…

It’s clear now. You’ll never see an unredacted report on anything by the central government. There are things, many things, you are unworthy to know. You just don’t understand how these things work.


So now you trust the government? :laughing:


It is kind of funny, isn’t it? :rofl:

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There are some things he can’t release, classified, grand jury testimony. Its the law. But looks like he is saying he can and will release Mueller entire 400 page report.

I understand how they work pretty well… I’m also familiar with federal law and the requirement that the DOJ produce ANY material the HPSCI requests, classified or unclassified.




  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

“his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”

I guess we’ll soon find out if this is a CYA or if he correctly “summarized” (his word) the principal conclusions.

No you don’t.

Learn the children’s lesson. Only Centgov understands.

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So now you understand his comments in your op? Good, my work here is done.

If you hope real hard the impossible can happen. You seriously think the Mueller report determined he should be charged and Barr was stupid enough to lie about it hoping nobody would find out? Lols


Who should be charged?

The Orange Satan.

Why would Mueller make a determination that the president could be charged with a crime? It’s well known that the president can’t be charged while in office.

Of course he can.

You got him now!

Just click your heels together 3 times Dorothy.

Collusion gimps indeed!