Barr removes prisons chief after Epstein death....What is it about this case that has so much of Barrs attention?

Obliviously its a disgusting crime … But what is it about this case that has so much of Barrs attention?.. Sincere question, do AG’s normally get involved down to this level? I’m kind of thinking maybe he and his boss thought they had a shot at involving Clinton…just a hunch.

A witness of a child sex ring was suicided in his cell. It shouldn’t have happened. Whether there was foul play or not, it shouldn’t have happened.

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Of course it shouldn’t have happened…But do AG’s normally get involved if a witness off’s himself in a cell, or its done to him? Sounds more like a DA’s job or maybe a States AG.

A case that reaches possibly out to foriegn royaty, possibly a past president, many, MANY well connected people dies in custody and you don’t think it’s going to garner the attention of the Attorney General?



I suppose…

But I think its the possible Clinton tie in more than anything. Just my opinion

Had a shot?
Epstein had a picture of Bill in a Blue dress, not freaky enough for you?

And that was Clintons doing???

Hundreds of people of color have hung them selves in prison and no one makes a “peep”.

One rich white guy does it and all hell breaks loose!

The AG???



When I first saw that on social media my firs thought was “man someone has way too much time on their hands to photoshop that good.”

Then I found out it was a real painting and then my thought was “he had THAT hanging in his house?!?!?!?!”

The more then 20 flights to Epstein island was Clinton’s fault.

Do you have a link for Clinton actually visiting the island?

Very strange!

Yea and Trump had Epstien to Mar-a lago…

And ran him off.

Link to ''ran him off ‘’

I’ve seen it, I just need to search, did you bother searching or are you like me and seen it?

“Trump has previously praised Epstein as a “terrific guy” and, according to the filing, Epstein once welcomed Trump aboard his private plane, hosted him in his Palm Beach home and had 14 phone numbers for Trump in a computer directory”

Barely knew the guy…lol

No, I’m not like you. And I haven’t seen it.

There is nothing either wrong or even unusual about Attorney General Barr’s actions in removing the ACTING Chief of the Bureau of Prisons. There is no currently appointed Chief or Deputy Chief of the BoP. That being the case, it is quite proper for the Attorney General to directly take action.

In this case, the Acting Chief (a career civil servant) has been reassigned to be in charge of the residential halfway house division. Another careerist has been brought in to be Acting Chief.

This is a simple case of trying to manufacture a controversy where none exists.

And it’s lucky Bill in a blue dress Epstein chose to hang over his mantle. :joy: :black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square: priceless!