Barr has Mueller report



He owes no explanation to you to be absolved of. You are not in a position to dictate his responsibilities.

Your personal (and quite uninformed) opinions on the state of the FISA court have no relevance to anyone outside of your head.

He doesn’t work for you - and you dont speak for “us”.


It’s not bad but it would have been helpful to say that a prosecutor never, NEVER says “the subject is innocent.” The language is alway, “…we did not establish” …" which leaves die-hards room to say “SEE? They did not say there was no evidence! They just didn’t have enough to prosecute!”

In other words, a 9-month-old baby could still be guilty of a crime, using the language that prosecutors must use. Given the intensity of and the length of this investigation, it is pretty clear that the administration has a right to claim complete exoneration, given there were ZERO indictments on conspiracy to collude. To conspire you have to have at least ONE co-conspirator, yet there were none charged.

As to obstruction, Mueller did no one any favors by weaseling out on making a charge or not. But Barr certainly covered all the bases when he had virtually anyone else in the DOJ who could comment to do so - and they all apparently agreed that it was not obstruction - including Mueller’s immediate boss, Rod Rosenstein, who has certainly been no friend of the President.



And AGAIN I am not “dictating” anything. I’m telling you how I feel about this and his role in it.

He does work for every American. Who else does he work for??? Everyone who draws a government paycheck works for me and I will have NO PROBLEM making my feelings clear to them through any and every channel I have.

You can kiss all the judicial ass you want to, however.

I never claimed to speak for everyone. I told you that I am NOT ALONE in feeling as I do.

I’m not.



I have to give Trump credit for one thing. When the report was actually delivered to the Attorney General and Trump didn’t immediately start tweeting and bragging and went silent for a while, that was actually the adult thing to do.

Which is totally opposite of the childish way he acts every day.


IT is up to the AG to direct the FBI and DOJ to investigate potential crimes and violations departmental procedures.

Unless and until a case comes before the SCOTUS the CJoSCOTUS cannot involve themselves without potentially tainting any future decisions in cases coming before the court.


You misunderstand my point.

Do you think the Chief Justice cares about your entirely uniformed opinion of the FISA court?

You are welcome to shout your requests from the rooftops - I just wouldn’t hold out much hope that you’ll get an answer.


Arrogance 101 must be a requirement for pre-law.

The hell he is doesn’t. Marky is every bit as important as any lawyer playing dress up.


We’re not necessarily talking about crimes at all. We may just be talking about a laxity in the judiciary that needs to be addressed and that would certainly be something Roberts should address.

He may need to spank some people and remind them of their duties.

What I have yet to hear is whether or not he thinks something is rotten in Denmark. That doesn’t leave me with any faith at all in the FISC or in his administration of it.

HIDING any misgivings he may have in an attempt to cover for them is just as bad as allowing them too much latitide to spy on Americans.



And there’s the problem…


If he doesn’t he needs to care.

He is always preaching how much faith the American people should have in the judiciary.

This DOES NOT inspire faith. Quite the opposite. You don’t just GET respect. You earn it.




Entitlement 101 must be a requirement for cranky old men arguing on message boards.

Marky is completely unimportant to the Supreme Court. So am I, and so are you. You can grandstand as much as you want about how “THEY WORK FOR US” - but that’s not going to change reality to fit your worldview.


I don’t see it as a problem. It’s not the Court’s job to care about feelings.


When has the Chief Justice “preached” that the American people should have faith in the judiciary?

The point that I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t matter whether you have faith in the judiciary or not. It’s not going anywhere, either way.


“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Roberts said. “What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. The independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.”

Of course it matters whether Americans have faith in the basic institutions of government. I can’t believe you even question the necessity of that.

People play by the rules and obey the laws because they believe that everyone else has to and that there are bedrock principals adheared to by their government. When they stop believing that we are doomed.



You are not the representative of “Americans”. Nor are you “people”.

You are one person. You are welcome to speak your mind, but you don’t speak for anything more than that.

You are not personally owed anything by the Chief Justice - and whether or not you personally have faith in the judiciary is meaningless.


She’s far, far from alone.

I must say this is hilarious coming from someone who regularly embraces the SJW mentality.



That article isn’t talking about what Marky is talking about. But that was a nice try.


You don’t get America.

It’s not entitlement.


I never said I did speak for anyone else but me. I said that MANY Americans are in the same camp.

Do you doubt it?

And AGAIN , given that I’m certainly not alone it is clear that my concerns are likely very important. If you don’t have any concerns that’s fine with me.

Just don’t tell me how important mine are because you have NO IDEA how important they are. They just aren’t important to you.

I’m an American. The Cheif Justice owes me as much as he owes any cabal, any group or any potentate.



That is an astoundingly stupid post. It completely ignores the founding principles of this country.