Barr has Mueller report


go read a bit on the net. evangelicals, fiscal conservatives, white nationalists, family values/Christian values voters are jumping for joy.

all those people outed themselves before and confirmed it over the last 48 hours.


I know this might surprise you, I don’t care what they have to say. I am gonna leave that to you.


Don jr letter…threatening cohen…

Of course you agree with it…


Ummmm…not familiar with the letter but, uh, Don Jr is not President.

You’re welcome.


it doesn’t matter. i’m right about who’s happy.


You’re right about one thing. It doesn’t matter


Not my problem


the follow up posts were deleted. I was able to watch your link. Good grief she reminds me of the Scarecrow singing If I Only Had a Brain.
This is the same crazy lady who believed that Russia attacked Korea. Hopefully she has reviewed world maps since then.
She talks like a retired boxer who had their head punched around for 20 years


I am claiming that the FISA judges were deliberately misled by the Obama-era FBI and DOJ, based on what we have seen already on the applications and I guarantee there will now be even more to see, as with the end of the Mueller probe, a lot more information is going to come out, with respect to the improper conduct of the FBI and DOJ under the last administration.

I’m claiming NO legitimate FISA judge would approve warrants based on the scenario I painted of the dossier and that scenario is correct, so that means that true scenario wasn’t given to the judges. They were told lies and half-truths and lies of omission.



Based on what, exactly?

How were they “mislead”?

Any day now.


read my edited reply. Based on that.



“The scenario you painted.”

That’s an appropriate term, I think.

Four different “legitimate” FISA judges did sign off on the warrants. None of those judges have come forward stating they were mislead. Perhaps the problem is with the picture you’ve painted not accurately reflecting reality.

Tell me - what relevant information about the dossier was omitted, in the application? Just from what has already been released - what information is missing?


and AGAIN it is entirely possible that those judges have not come forward and were waiting for the end of the Mueller report. That would be entirely proper, so as not to interfere with ongoing matters. But now that it’s over…

As to what I painted it is ENTIRELY accurate.

If the FBI was telling the FISA court the full and actual truth about the dossier they would have had to say that it was commissioned by the Clinton campaign for the purpose of harming the Trump campaign; it was ENTIRELY unsourced, so no one can ever be questioned about sources and methods of information collection; not a SINGLE allegation in it has ever been proven - not one; the compiler, or author of the piece has been FIRED by the FBI for lying to the FBI; members of the DOJ have warned the FBI that the compiler of the piece was heavily biased against Trump and the Trump campaign.

In other words there is absolutely NO real reason for anyone to believe it is anything but a total piece of fiction, designed to smear a poltical foe.(Which we now know is true, BTW)

But you think they could get a warrant to spy on an American with that full information???



Which of those are federal crimes for which he could have been indicted?

No matter what you think of him as a man his morals were not under investigation here, he was being investigated from CRIMES for which he and others could be indicted relative to “Russian Collusion” and “Obstruction”.

Two years and fifty million dollars later they found no evidence of either.


For reference, here are the applications:

They did. pgs. 15-16


This statement is false.

They did. pgs. 321-322.

Do you have a source for this claim? Why would that be required to be included in a warrant application?

As you’ve already pointed out, the applications are 85% redacted. It’s a safe assumption that the above is not the “full information”.


FISA proceedings are by definition secret and classified. Horrowitz’s investigation is nearing it’s end and we’ll see what criminal referrals come from it.

Until evidence of misconduct is presented to those FISA court judges it would be inappropriate for them to take any actions much less public actions.

Taking any such actions while the Mueller Probe was still underway could also have a definite impact on that probe and it’s legitimacy as well as it’s outcome. Let’s see what happens over the next year relative to those charges.



You mean if any criminal referrals come from it.


You hang onto that with both hands.


Its a lot of fun!



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