Barr has Mueller report


No, what we’ll remember is that Hillary was a piss poor candidate who ran a terrible campaign.

Both parties put up their worst and Trump was the lesser of two evils.


Yet you say ■■■■■ the constitution” and want to grab firearms? :joy: :joy:


“Political Schizophrenia”.


False. Committing a crime by definition makes you a criminal. You, just like sneaky, are conflating needed criteria for prosecution, with the simple fact that committing a crime makes you a criminal. Why you guys cant admit this is bizarre


I for one trust you will make the right decision.


“It’s not a crime if you dont get caught”


There are things to learn in every situation. Especially when people get emotional.


For some reason CNN is off the air around here. Meanwhile MSNBC has really angry guests and you may think Trump is being indicted for obstruction and gosh don’t mention no collusion. Fox is a morgue. The guests are stiffs with frowns. Hannity and the rest should be fun tomorrow, and Rush…


Under US law you are innocent until proven guilty period.

Now it's time to finish the job Mr President

So, instead of asking the left which E-mail they think cost Hillary the election and never getting an answer we can now ask the left which Tweet do they think was obstruction? LOL!


No collusion, no coup, no conspiracies were proven true. A great day in the morning. Thank Ted it’s over.


Mueller wasn’t investigating the conspiracies. Horrowitz is so let’s see what comes from his report.


According to the conspirscy theories, he was.


Provide some examples then by all means.


Not following the whole Q thing?


Which has nothing to do with whether or not someone actually committed the crime. Just because you dont get caught doesnt change the actual actions you took. If you kill someone then rape their wife, but the state finds no evidence, you still killed someone and raped their wife. Why is this even debatable?


Still not sure why, if nothing nefarious was going on, pretty much every key figure in the campaign or administration felt a need to lie about their contacts with Russia.

Was it just incompetence?


I don’t even know what a “Q Thing” is.

You made the claim, by all means substantiate it.


It’s a pretty popular theory, for Trump fans.


Unless and until you are found guilty by a court of law you are innocent of any crime.

That isn’t debate able period under US law.

Now it's time to finish the job Mr President