Barr closes 7 Investigations

10 days after Mueller submitted his report.

Now the kicker here is barr stated in a hearing he didnt stop any investigations Mueller was conducting. He lied. Again…

Hopefully we will vote this trash administration out and bring charges up in these people the proper way

Edit…apparently raw story decided to play sloppy with the title. These were warrants for info. So while barr closed them down they arent investigations per say.


Not surprised we’re hearing this. Not at all. Making America corrupt again.

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He’s clearly a russian operative.

Seriously, where’s the “collusion”??

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I wonder if any of these investigations could be taken over by state law enforcement agencies where the Trump/Barr corruption team has no jurisdiction?

Mueller relied on an unverified image data and unverified Steele dossier for his investigation, sounds criminal to me.


LOL rawstory.

no he didn’t. Mueller relied on his charge from AG Sessions.

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Should have been closed 2 years ago.

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So you can refute the story? Please do. Point by point.

Edited OP to reflect some new info and raw story’s sloppy title.


Rosenstein renewed the fisa for Mueller using the unverified Steele dossier.

What where those 7 investigations?

I’m not clinking on rawstory to give that ■■■■ site any revenue.

You should have known better then to post crap from them…it would be like me posting crap from infowars or Glenn beck site.

So you know the story is wrong without reading it? You have some wild ESP there. Let me give you a little help.

The 65-page document shows seven cases that were closed on April Fools Day — only ten days after Mueller submitted his report.

The document reveals the orders involved the companies AT&T, Twitter and Facebook.

Stop it…

Glenn Beck was regularly cited here for YEARS during Obama’s presidency. I mean, Glenn Beck is partially why we have Trump. Glenn Beck LOVES attention. It’s why he threw those phony revival rallies in DC and Israel. It’s why he was always so controversial. He’s a clown, just like Trump.

Infowars, their authors, and similar sites like WND have recently become more popular and credible to some around this forum.

Rawstory should always be fact-checked, along with sites like ThinkProgress, Buzzfeed, etc. SOMETIMES they get one right or break a big story, but most often they’re fluffing up something to sound worse than it is.

…and in other breaking news…The Mueller investigation is OVER.

No collusion…No Obstruction.

Thank you very much.


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Raw story is nothing more then click bait for the gullible.


Post those 7 investigations so I don’t have to unblock ads on that horrible site.


So you don’t want to discuss it…you just wanted to promote a radical left-wing site as viable news source for revenue?

Is that what you’re telling me Plas?