BANNED AGAIN? White House Seeks to Revoke Jim Acosta’s Press Pass in TWO WEEKS | Sean Hannity

The White House announced its “preliminary plan” to revoke CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials a second time Monday; exploring the legal possibilities of rescinding his “hard pass” after a judge’s temporary ruling expires in just two weeks.

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Good! Acosta has done nothing but showboat. I am all for Freedom of the press, First Amendment etc., etc… but exercising those rights does not mean you forsake common decency. In other words… You don’t get a free pass to act like an ass.

The press is not there to promote an agenda or debate. Questions are normally good but even a question can be loaded with opinion and even lies. I don’t think how this can happen needs to explained. Just watch CNN.

CNN has other reporters with Whitehouse crdentials, let some of them get exposure instead of letting Showboat Acosta hog it all.