Banking CEO charged with bribing Trump Campaign for a job in the White House

Baking CEO Stephen M. Calk offered Manaford when he was acting campaign chairman 16 million dollars for a job in the White House.

Manhattan federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Thursday charging a banker with bribing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort with $16 million in loans [in order to secure a high-ranking position in the presidential administration

The banker, Stephen Calk, never got any of the positions he sought in the Trump administration, including secretary of defense, secretary of the army and secretary of the treasury, according to the indictment, although as a result of Manafort’s influence, Calk was interviewed for a senior role. And when Manafort defaulted on the loans, the bank of which Calk is chief executive officer, the Chicago-based Federal Savings Bank, incurred a multi-million-dollar loss.

How many Cabinet flunkees past or present did the same thing? I’ll guess Mnuchin.

Great scoop. Is it this morning again already?

So what does this mean? He was the CEO of Sara Lee?

Oh going after spelling errors, versus the curroption from the op. Who could have ever guessed that path would have been taken?

I’ll leave Manafort and all that took place…to the Mueller investigation and his conclusion that there’s not enough evidence to indict President Trump in this. If you choose to run off, with half-baked conclusions, making claims based on your feelings and not the facts, that’s entirely on you. The problem is that your run away, wild ass feelings are what the MSM is feeding you…and that’s what’s truly baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaad.

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Someone once again didn’t read the Mueller report and it shows. It always shows.

You choose to see, what you want to see and totally ignore the conclusions of those placed into the trusted position of making this professional decision…even though the data was gathered by predominantly Democrat lawyers. That is the epitome of arrogance. Congrats

Whatever it takes for you to be comfortable not reading the report, including original sources in there.

My dear…I work very hard to pay the taxes that pay for those legal professionals to conclude what should and shouldn’t be prosecuted. Do you go to doctors when you’re ill or…just make all the decisions on your own? Lemme guess…this is different?

More stabs of speculation and innuendo.

You fools are making President Trump a modern day folk hero.


Great. Glad you agree we should trust them. Read the report and see what they have to say. :slight_smile:

Oh tales will be told of his stupidity for centuries. The man child who wanted to be king, but failed in such a stupid, laughable manner. Covfefe on!

As history looks back, it will be unflattering to those who so easily became the sheople of the establishment. Orange man baaaaa, baaaa, baaaaad. Now please continue making history. :sunglasses:

Great conversation. Hopefully you will read the report at some time. Education is a gift not to be squandered.

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Damn…I wish my life was as simple as yours.

Conspiracy theories do complicate things.


The man who beat the smear merchants at their own game.

Trump will be legend.

Funny thing is that he is basically a pretty decent guy behind all that self promotion.