‘BAND OF BROTHERS’: Veteran Carries Fellow Marine to Utah Mountain Top

Originally published at: ‘BAND OF BROTHERS’: Veteran Carries Fellow Marine to Utah Mountain Top | Sean Hannity

Honor. Courage. Commitment. The core values of the Marine Corps were on full display this week as retired Marine Sgt. John Nelson carried friend and fellow Marine Staff Sgt. Jonathon Blank to the summit of Mount Timpanogos; the second highest mountain in Utah‘s Wasatch Range.

Blank lost his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2010. But that didn’t stop him and Nelson from making the 14 mile journey. Another hiker, Phil Casper, caught the inspirational moment, and shared it on Facebook.

Had the experience to hike Mt Timpanogos today. More than 14 miles and over 4500 ft elevation gain made for quite the…

Posted by Phil Casper on Saturday, August 24, 2019

“They sought no special attention. The disabled vet said he weighed 135 lbs. They were committed to reach the summit. Having just exhausted myself to reach the summit with less than 5 lbs on my back, it was hard to fathom the drive that the pair possessed to achieve their goal. To have arrived where I met them was already an incredible accomplishment. It was a powerful and inspiring experience to see them on their way,” said Casper.

“Nelson said he and Blank now plan to climb Mount Whitney, which is 14,500 feet high, in California on Veterans Day with other Marines assisting. He said he got the idea after helping a fellow Marine carry his mother, who suffers from MS, about halfway up the mountain,” reports Fox News.

“Blank said he hopes that others may be inspired to push through their own limitations in life and emphasized the bond that U.S. service members share after they serve in combat together,” adds Fox.

“I try to stay close with all of our platoon. We’re all a band of brothers, we’re so tight. They’re my family,” he said.

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