Baltimore-Philadelphia-Washington DC are some cities voting today

Today polls are open in eight States plus Washington DC to vote.

Democratic Governor’s in five of them (Delaware, Montana, New Mexico,Pennsylvania+Rhode Island). Add mayor of District of Columbia here.

Republican States with voting today are Indiana, Maryland and South Dakota.

Expecting beefed up security around polling sites at a minimum.

Certainly with the civil unrest across America these are extraordinary times.

I for one am Optimistic and offer prayers this day will prove to help the healing process for many others.

Please chime in with thoughts…

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Maryland a republican state??


And no, hogan doesn’t count.

Hopeful all elected officials no matter their political affiliation can be “counted” on by their respective citizens to do their part in quelling this civil unrest…

Protecting the polling stations needs to be a priority.


But what makes Maryland a republican state in your eyes??

It’s as reliably blue as California.

But go ahead and tell us.

I got my mail-in ballot a while back and had decided to sit this one out.

I got in the car a few minutes ago to change that. I was almost to the polling place when I remembered that gov. hogan issued by fiat that all voting was mail-in.

Lucky for me it only has to be postmarked by June 2nd.

Mail-in balloting!! Nearly voter suppression.