BALDWIN GOES BUST: The ‘Alec Baldwin Show’ Bumped After Ratings Disaster | Sean Hannity

Alec Baldwin’s new talk show was abruptly “bumped” from its Sunday night schedule after dismal ratings this week; dropping to Saturday nights in December as ABC struggles to stem the flow of viewers.

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Outstanding, it’s time Little Alec, meets Bubbah at Riker’s for a good time.
That being said, Baldwin is a PUNK and needs some Street Justice.

Its very sad to see people like Mr. Baldwin consumed with hatred. He’s made himself very frustrated. He’s like a child who doesn’t know what is good for him. For instance President Donald J Trump.

Did he have a show??

The only thing I have seen him do that was any good, was his role of Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October. Even then his performance was a bit weak and Harrison Ford made a much better Jack Ryan in the movies that followed. Since then, he has always seemed more like a raving lunatic with an outsized opinion of himself.

He’s a B-list actor at best. He won’t be missed. Now, if SNL would dump him they may actually get back to humor.

Actors are losing their minds and all credibility. Melt down to what they actually are, Puppets to an agenda dissolving right in front of them. AND I just don’t mean the Trump affect.Godless people will become unhinged in the very near future and will be shown w/o a doubt who they really serve. Mind control is real and T.V. PROGRAMS are’nt called that for humor.Waking up to the long term agenda of mass hypnotism through subliminal suggestion throughout the media has been astoundedly affectual. Unless you have the courage to “turn it off” literally. You are still hyponotized.

It was a novelty due to his SNL performances. That wears off because he don’t have anything interesting to say. Talk about going to the well one time too many.