BALDWIN GOES BERSERK: Listen to the Anti-Trump Comedian’s ‘Greatest Hits’ HERE

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Part-time comedian and full-time anti-Trump crusader Alec Baldwin is no stranger to political controversy during the course of his career; exploding over a series of issues regarding conservative causes and personalities – including Sean Hannity.

Alec Baldwin tries out at WPHT radio in Philadephia:

Baldwin walks off the air from Sean and Mark Levin:

Baldwin tries again at WPHT without much success:

Why do you hate on people so much Alexa?

It’s not good to harass and punch people, simply over a parking spot.

It’s ok, the Liberal Fake News Media loves you, and so do your Liberal Politicians.
They realize that all of your propaganda contribution within movies,
helps them more than hurts them. So for now, you won’t be thrown under the bus.

Gatta watch that temper though. If you keep getting caught doing bad things,
your friends might throw you under the bus, just like your buddy Harvey Weinstein.

This guy wants to run for President?

Ha! I’m all for it! Just like his radio host attempt nobody will call in, and
he’ll look like a moron! lol

Plus I don’t think the Democrats have enough people running for President yet.
They need more depth. lol.

I think that the Dems are being discriminatory if they don’t at least have 50 or
more Presidential candidates!

New born babies, should be able to vote also! lmao. If not then it’s ageism.