Baiting other posters

Why is nothing being done about the new trolling technique of posting an inflammatory post in hopes of generating a response then deleting the original post and reporting the reply?

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If a flag is put out, we can see the post the person deleted. Now if should also quote the post so all can see what was said unless it was the next post.

That doesn’t answer why nothing is being done to those who are engaging in this new technique. It is blatant trolling

The posts are being self deleted as soon as they’re replied to (and before they’re flagged)

What I’m saying is if it’s self deleted, mods can still see the post.

If it’s there long enough to reply to, the person replying should flag it instead of replying.

Are there consequences for someone who is doing that?

If a person posts something inflamitory and deletes it, then no. It takes care of itself. Unless it becomes a problem. Just remember if it’s something your being baited into and you think it’s a violation. Flag it and move on without responding. If you respond with a violation (and you leave it up), then it’s on you.

So no problem with baiting as long as you delete your post. Thank you.

I agree with Demon. I think you might need to rethink this. :wink:

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Well hell has frozen over. :wink:


If it continues, there will be consequences. As snow said, we can see what’s been deleted. Those who make a habit of it will get their comeuppance. We will be the arbiters of who has developed that habit. All is right in the world.

Thank you.

Give us an example of what you were trolled with.

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It’s not new.

Let me ask you this, since I’m not sure…in responding to a person who does this, if you quote their post before replying, will their words show up in your reply, or will it just show that you’re responding to the person?

And this may not be new, but it’s not anything I’d ever noticed until the other day when a whole bunch of posts disappeared in this manner and it seemed like a problem.

Just report, don’t retort. If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit.

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Sounds like a mod delete+all quotes of it :smiley:

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Hard for us peons to know how they were deleted. :slight_smile:

Asking instead of leaping to accusations of trolling might be a winner.

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Webster defines trolling as:

“Posting an opinion that is contrary to the belief of another person’s.”

Yeah, I just made that up, but it seems to be the case around here.

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