Badge For Mod Actions

First I’ve heard of this.

So since it appears posters can take Mod actions does this mean they are Mods?

Conan is also in the same boat.

If these posters are elevated to a level where they can begin “mod-like” activities, can there be some kind of formal announcement so other posters are aware?

They can’t take disciplinary action, so it’s just a mod lite.

Since anyone can look up who has post editing abilities it is not a secret.


Thank you Allan.

I find it incredulous for the OP to claim this is the first they’ve heard of this :woman_shrugging: Question answered and topic closed.

Posters who’ve been asked to assume responsibilities are not capable of taking mod actions.

There’s no reason to make others aware, or ask your opinion. I made two posters level 4 leaders for reasons.

It’s not even so much that. I asked them to delete porn, if you must know. I don’t want a recurrence of what happened a couple of years ago. I’ve also come to realize that a lot of what went on then was from some of our own members from your clique using sock puppets. So we enlisted trusted members to take on that responsibility.