Bader Farms wins $265 million judgment against Bayer, BASF

Very happy for the Bader Farm in winning this lawsuit, but the damage is done. 30,000 Missouri peach trees, gone. Entire farms destroyed, all so farmers would end up buying their seeds as a defense against their pesticide.

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Most of the time when people complain about “evil” corporations, it is just hyperbole.

Monsanto is that one corporation you could accurately define as “evil.”


For real. They are basically the real life incarnation of the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.

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There’s a level of irony here - Bayer (the owners of Monstanto) and BASF (the co-defendant and co-creator of this pesticide) were two of the constituent companies in IG Farben, the Nazi-affiliated company that produced Zyklon-B.

Will this help pave the way for more lawsuits like this?

I sure hope so.

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I haven’t seen anyone who likes them.

I had no idea that Monsanto is owned by the makers of aspirin.

They also, at one point, owned the trademark for “heroin”.

Pocket change for a company like that. They need to add a punitive zero to the judgement figure.


I’m all for 10 more lawsuits like that. It’s the least they could do.


Gotta say, I’ve been personally butthurt over this whole tragedy. I almost don’t wanna ferment wine anymore. lol