Bad news, yes, the wall is being built

A really well done video showing construction of one section of “The Wall” in AZ.

Note, this one company is averaging completely about 6 miles per week now and they are only one of the many contractors being employed.


Deep fake probably.

Mexico must have finally handed over the loot.


is this part of the wall refurbishment which was paid for under Obama?

also Its good to know that Trump is buying Canadian steel to build this :smile:

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Mexico paying for American to build a wall using Canadian steel.


As I’ve been saying for years on this forum nothing is going to stop the flow of immigrants coming to America except a giant wall from coast to coast. Nothing beats a wall. Border Patrol agents only can do so much. People are fallible. Walls aren’t. Walls don’t give up at the end of their shift. They don’t get lazy and allow people to slip by. Walls never fail.

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Some walls don’t work. The blue wall, for instance.

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Not true not true not true. :wink: :rofl:

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Pretty leisurely for a national emergency.

I propose we build a northern wall as well. :sunglasses:


Except when they get blown down :joy:

we have one its called the no touching zone, its very very serious topic.

The 3,433 km-long border is the longest in the world, but it isn’t marked in the traditional way.

There’s a six-metre divide between the countries’ forests called the “no touch zone.” This separates the two nations, with only a few exceptions: Derby Line, Vermont; Stanstead, Quebec; Point Roberts, Washington; and Hyder, Alaska.

Despite the countries coexisting peacefully, maybe a wall will be put up in the future to make the border clearer.

Watch this video to find out more about the border along the 49th parallel

Racking up the non sequitors.

That’s not a wall.

Its better, its the no touching zone.

Is the wall worth the $?

Give it time. :wink:



add some sharks

If you say so. :grin:

The Huffpost? LOL, might as well link to the Onion.

Even if such a thing was true, the easy solution is to find out how long those ‘ladders’ are and just build the wall taller.

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