BAD IDEA: Ocasio-Cortez to Debate Economics Professor Over Socialism | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is set to square off with her Republican opponent in the coming weeks; setting the stage for a philosophical debate between the self-described Democratic Socialist and a former economics professor.

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Yes please. It won’t make a bit of difference in the outcome of the election. But the entertainment value of this train wreck will be through the roof.

She should just say “where have economic professors gotten us so far? It’s time we ignored the professors, okay?”

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After the she implodes in the debate and the professor hands her ass back to her, the Republican will be portrayed as a big ole meany for making the pretty young woman cry and look foolish in the debate.

It is not what makes sense it is what makes Democrats feel good that matters.

Wasn’t that how trump won the primary in the Republican Party?

No, Trump won the primary and general by telling and showing the American people about all of the corruption and lying from Obama, Hillary and all the weak rino Repubs. So refreshing to see this our country strong again and a President who doesn’t fold like a cheap suit as Obama did.

Yes, a philosophical debate. Having a degree in economics does not give one any special credence in philosophical matters.

I would pay 10 whole real life dollars to see this.