BAD EDUCATION: Cortez SLAMMED After Saying BERLIN WALL Used to ‘Block’ People Fleeing ‘Disasters’ | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to face fierce scrutiny regarding her recent social media posts Tuesday; coming under fire after she directly compared President Trump’s border security proposal to the Berlin Wall.

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I can’t help myself - I always look forward to reading the latest senselessness this feebleminded imbecile spews. I enjoy it so…

(sorry… nah, not sorry)

I thought that I heard that she went to school, college even. Apparently, she never took a history class or she slept through them. She needs to study the history of the Berlin Wall and the rest of the walls and fences that made up the “iron curtain” that stretched from the Baltic to the Med. It was never about keeping people from the west out. It was about keeping their own people in.

God Bless AOC! She’s the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since the election of President Trump!!!

PS: I hope everybody enjoyed their recent day off of work on President Trump Day!

What a disgrace to the political system- this woman is the dumbest person to serve in office I have seen, and I thought I had seen some dumb ones- every time she opens her mouth, she embarasses herself more- If the Dems had the guts, they would pull her to the side, and say- look don’t say anything else unless we tell you too- she is a joke!- Democratic party- thank you- she is a gift to the GOP- libs- you are welcome to her

There is something to be said for consistency. She is certainly consistent. No one wanted on the other side of the Berlin war. So, she wasn’t alive when they built the wall. She could read (or find someone to read it to her), they had libraries in New York the last time I was there.

This is a woman who owes taxes on a business she set up that did nothing. She put the coffee shop she worked at out of business and costs her former coworkers their jobs. And, she is so uninformed about history that she probably thinks the “Iron Curtain” was something flimsy like the curtains on a stage. The people in her district deserve everything they suffer for electing her.