Backstage report from Celeb Apprentice - Trump snorts adderal


Give it time…


How again did The Don cheat? Links to show your work. Please and thank you.


In fact, you don’t “have” to say dumb things. It’s a choice.


obama loved a little late night jack and coke. And he was a choom -gang member.

I’d have to say your personal attack on me is irrelevant. Just like obama once his “signature legislation” is gone.


Impeachment is the right way to go. Jailing a sitting president could be disastrous, especially if it was done for purely political reasons. It must be a difficult process in order to prevent abuse. Arrest a president after leaving or removal from office if the crime is serious enough.


What if he shot someone on 5th Avenue? No arrest until he’s out of office?


Presumably it would behoove the Congress impeach the President if he shot someone on 5th Avenue so that he could be arrested, however I believe impeachment still be difficult considering the negative political ramifications of turning on the leader of your party.


So then what? We’d have a cold blooded murderer in the White House?

Personally, I don’t see anything in the Constitution preventing a sitting President from being indicted for a criminal act.


Thank you trump for making America great again! You were sent to us from god!


According to the arguments being made right now, Congress would have to act to remove him. Surely they would impeach a cold blooded murderer, right? I mean, I know the Democrats would have the moral clarity to impeach a murder, even if the president was from their own party. Republicans have morals too, right?


I doubt the R’s would. They’ve already proven themselves to be morally bankrupt.

I believe there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a sitting President from being indicted and convicted of crimes. Just because the House can impeach and the Senate can convict to remove a sitting President - does not remove other legal means of removing a President from office.


25th Amendment as an absolute emergency.


The DOJ disagrees. Without doing it hundreds of hours of research I will defer to that. Fo now.


That is just another method to remove a sitting President - but there still isn’t anything in the Constitution that precludes a criminal indictment from being issued.


I’m so happy trump won , I can’t wait to vote for him again


Again, for myself at least, I’ll defer to the opinion of the DOJ who says they don’t think you can indict a sitting president.


For what? Winning? Haha


I know the DOJ disagrees. But just because they disagree doesn’t mean that It’s unconstitutional to indict.

There has never been a SCOTUS ruling on this.


Thank god for Fox News


Yup, I know. They however have people that study Constitutional law and SHOULD be more knowledgeable on the subject than say you or I.

My confidence in that isn’t extremely high but for now, it’s all I’ve got