BACKLASH BUILDS: Anti-Conservative ‘New Yorker’ Hit-Piece Comes Under Fire

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The left-leaning ‘New Yorker’ magazine published a baseless, anti-conservative hit-piece this week; viciously accusing Fox News and a handful of hosts of actively promoting “propaganda” for the Trump administration.

The article, “The Making of the Fox News White House,” and its author Jane Mayer are now coming under fire from prominent conservatives across the country.

“There is not the slightest sense of irony that in fact Mayer herself, not to mention the New Yorker, the magazine for which she writes, are members in good standing of the Liberal State Media,” writes Jeffrey Lord.

“Which is to say she belongs to the world of liberal cable and broadcast networks, print outlets, all manner of Internet sites and, of course, Hollywood which individually not to mention collectively function as a self-selected version of Pravda (‘Truth’), the once-official newspaper of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party,” he adds.

“The members of the Liberal State Media have one self-selected job, and one job only: they are in the Liberal Narrative business, relentlessly pushing into the media whatever is the liberal agenda of the day,” concludes Lord.

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