Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program ... Mueller's Poisoned Probe

Great article in the WSJ about the poison surrounding the Mueller probe. Anyone that has paid attention to politics long enough knows that this faux outrage regarding illegals and their children being separated is nothing more than an effort to knock this story off the front page… (and both sides are guilty. This time it’s the democrats)… So let’s get back to the real story.

That’s an opinion piece. And it’s behind a pay wall.

Just proves everything we thought about the rigged system and the swamp. Keep it up, please.

IN fact If I was a dem, I might think Mueller the “republican” is doing it on purpose…

Curious. I have no subscription and went right to the article.

Yeah can confirm clicked on link and its behind a paywall.

Regardless I am sure it is a marvelous opinion piece.

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Well, that sucks.

Technical question. On my laptop I can right-click a link and open in an incognito window, to avoid a paywall. Does anyone know how that can be done on an iPhone? Or if it can at all?

That link will get you there

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You can with others but incognito tab won’t work on WSJ

Oh. I didn’t realize that either. Weird.

Thanks! How did you do that?

I just google the article, found a site that had a link that opened it completely and posted that link.

Basically, I got lucky. LOL

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Thank you. I appreciate that.

Read the op-ed. The entire thing is predicated on one giant “IF” that is unproven. If Crossfire was a result of some acted upon bias, then the Mueller probe could be poisoned. Which is highly subjective and debatable at best. Not much here other than an initial broad assumption, then attempted to be supported by actual historical examples of evidence, trying to defend the original unproven assumption.

If Mueller finds that Trump entered in on agreements where Russia helped him politically in return for benefits if elected, or if Trump cheated on his taxes in the same way Manafort is accused, then it really wont matter whether this probe was initiated in a politically biased way. Trump should be and would be through.
If the only accusation against Trump is obstruction of justice then it very much matters. Obstruction by using his position would have to be done in a corrupt manner. Using your position to stop an investigation that was started in a corrupt manner could not (IMO) be itself “in a corrupt manner”, but a very proper use of authority.