BACK OFF: Moderate Dems Urge NY SOCIALIST to ‘Cool It’ Before 2018 Midterms | Sean Hannity

New York socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in hot water among her fellow Democrats this week, with liberal legislators telling the left-wing superstar to “cool it” before the 2018 midterm elections.

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I think people like Cortez winning primaries to boot out the older dems is the new norm for the Dems in the Cities.

I am not sure how they will win over Moderate voters who are not in favor of the level of Socialism they want.
And she was very anti Israel but then said she doesn’t understand the geopolitical politics at play in Palestine and Israel so she been listing to talking points that she can’t back up.

Another loud mouth know nothing democrat female. That party is full of them and every time one of them opens their mouth, they lose voters…keep talking!

Democrats has always suppressed others, why should suppressing Cortez be any different? Cortez had better watch it or Nancy Pelosi will have her standing before her desk explaining why she’s not doing like they say. Cortez better learn quickly to listen to Nancy Pelosi before Nancy puts her in her place. How dare Cortez to act as a voice of the people!!