Baby Formula and Government Failure

Government failed you there too. And you don’t even know that plant is the problem or what happened.

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They failed me by having basic safety standards for consumable products?

Come on man! You aren’t that simple.

He is able to afford what many families could also afford if they were willing to sacrifice their non-essential spending.

Is that the case with baby formula?


Breastfeeding is more convenient.

Right from step-1. No need to sterilize the nipples.


You know what would really ease the burden of childcare?


I’ve just solved yet another problem…
Probably why I could never get elected.

Funny…libs demanding to see videos of palled of baby formal.

And she claims their are other warehouses stocked with it. Funny how government shuts down 43 percent of nation baby formula manufacturing while buying up remain resources for illegals.

That’s libs for you.

Which part would conservatives not have done?
No shutdown? No feeding the babies in detention?

Don’t know…buy up all available stock so moms and dads can’t buy any?

Witch pisses you off the most…being sarcastic or using pronouns to describe mothers and fathers?

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The lie is the most aggravating part.

I heard someone on Fox friday explaining that this all started with pandemic related hoarding.

I don’t think libs are in position to lecture anyone of lying.


I’m sure…but for government to buy up available stock/limited supply is just mind blowing IMO.

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Yeah we do. The plant told us. They are still working to correct a list of issues discovered by the FDA months ago.

I’m confused though - is formula not a free market product?

How much did they buy?

I’m just catching up on the thread. Is there a link?

Warehouse full…and she claims there are other warehouses too…which vid did not cover.

Who is she? Do you have a link?