Baby Formula and Government Failure

Very little to do with it.

Just as the individuals who suffered through the great depression, a generation before, were not to blame for their ills.

Yeah they kind of were, they elected and supported FDR who turned a recession into a depression.


Which requires an outsourcing.

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If it unnecessary red tape then why is it there in the first place? :thinking:

Red-tape can used as a bulwark against globalization eroding American jobs. It gets cut when we start tripping over it.

Yeah that’s why we use government spending to buy ourselves out of recession since his time and why Japan went into a ten year recession when they tried to do the opposite

FDR did a lot of things that are not just questionable but downright tyrannical but to say that he caused the depression is beyond silly.

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If I said caused, no idea if I did, but no, my position is he prolonged it, not that he caused it.

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After reading the transcript, I wonder why that is the headline.

I would’ve chosen this one.

the most important thing to do right now, of course, is to get that plant in Michigan up and running safely.

Of course.

Bootyjudge was honest. He’s probably breastfeeding too.


Those damn Democrats won’t socialize baby formula!!!

They shouldn’t claim to be “working on it around the clock” - aka lying.

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Isn’t that what they did in saying there is no federal solution to the private industry problem?

Sure. They also said they were working on it around the clock.

What to believe…what to believe?

Yeah but when asked who was in charge of the effort, uh uh uh, we will have to get back to you on that. Hey Kamala, new job coming your way.

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And it is extremely hilarious watching supposed Comservatives criticize the administration for not resorting to a Socialist solution

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I’m a liberal, I’m not criticizing Brandon Inc for not imposing a socialist solution. I’m criticizing you for believing they have any solution at all.

The government can’t give you the life you feel you deserve.

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Show where I believe what you assert. I’ve been consistent in saying it’s on the plant to bring their facility to standard

Every post you and your ilk make.

Then it should be very easy for you to provide the post of me saying such

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