Baby come back, you can blame it all on me

The desperation is palpable…



The key word is border SECURITY.

In some places a wall doesn’t make sense. We have modern technology to address this and we should. The Dems are for modernizing the border, not putting up some archaic wall that will not work in many places and offers nightmares when it comes to securing the land through eminent domain from Texans who do not want to lose their land to a campaign promise.


If only Trump had a Republican controlled House and Senate this whole year - maybe he could have gotten his silly wall.

Oh, wait…


The moron seems unable to comprehend that only Republicans Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell can bring anyone back.

Can’t stop laughing at the goobers.


All I can say is, if Paul and Mitch didn’t get him his Mexican Wall, it sure as hell isn’t Nancy’s job to give it to him.



The moron doesn’t seem to recognize that we already fund Border Security, by the billions.

The promise was that Mexico would pay for the wall.


Yep - Nancy has zero incentive to try to approve a wall.

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Donald represents the current day GOP principle of personal responsibility…namely, to avoid any.

It’s always someone else’s fault, someone else’s failure. What’s particularly amusing is the difference between Campaign Donald - “I’m the only one who can give you everything you want!” and President Donald - “The Democrats, Fake News, Failed Generals, Hillary!”

He’s a pathetic leader, but clearly the one America deserves right now.


He is just desperate at this point and knows the wall is not going to happen with the new house…

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Well said.

SOP is that when the President is in the Oval Office there is a Marine guard posted outside the west wing entrance. MSNBC is reporting that no guard has been spotted this morning. Same situation as before when he said he was in the oval at Christmas (poor me).

Isn’t it still Executive/TV time? (poor me–God that makes me laugh)

Yup, he is probably up in the residence having his breakfast cheeseburger’s.

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Watching Fox & Friends with one hand gripping a Big Mac and the other hovering over his cell phone.

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Go around. Or a ladder. Or dig under. Puppy

This is the master negotiator? Lol. I wonder how many people still believe that.

“Give us the votes”

There goes Donald asking for handouts. Such an overpowering sense of entitlement!

Whatever happened to “I alone can fix it.” Whatever happened to “the wall… and Mexico will pay for it.”

This is the last day Mitch McConnell can martial the 51 Republicans in the Senate to end debate and then vote to fund the wall. Two years of Republican control and they chose not to deliver.


He still needs 60 votes in this case.

His most recent tweets this morning have been Donald’s Greatest Hits of “It’s Someone Else’s Fault!”

This is the Alpha Male that makes them all swoon and cheer at rallies?


He did not need 60 votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. It takes 51 votes – which McConnell has – to change the rules as he did with Supreme Court Justices. McConnell has refused to do that rule change because of the long term consequences for the inevitable period when the voters place the Republicans in the minority, BUT if this truly were a matter of INVASION, NATIONAL SECURITY, CRIME, DISEASE and NO NATION IS A NATION WITHOUT BORDERS McConnell should act.

McConnell does not act, and hides behind the need for sixty votes because he knows this is rhetorical nonsense designed to rile up the base, not a basis for policy.

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