B.S. has reached a new level. Michelle is "tired of the nastiness."

I don’t believe it. Not for a minute. She does not put her money where her mouth is. “When they go low, we go high” is total hogwash. I have yet to see EITHER PARTY go high. She is not being honest. If she was, she would demand that her own party stop the name calling, the false accusations, the character assassinations, the mindless and endless racism chant. Did she say anything after Hillary’s deplorable speech? What about when Biden called Trump voters the dregs of the Earth? What about the relentless attacks that her Hollywood friends have been heaping on conservatives? Give me a break Michelle. You’re not tired of anything. You cannot simply claim to be a victim of nastiness while giving your own party a pass for being nasty. Sorry girlfriend. Both parties are incredibly nasty. Finger pointing does not cause Change. Change must come from within. Are you ready hold your own party accountable yet?

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Thanks for addressing this hugely important political matter.

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So then what?

You don’t believe her, so I guess there’s no other option than to futher escalate the nastiness.

I also disagree with Michelle, I think that those who spit on and mocked the very concept of simply being polite towards others do not deserve any reprieve or rest.

This is the world you guys wished for, and I understand why, because it’s quite liberating to be an ass and then just call the offended party a snowflake. Eventually, maybe some of you will realize why “soyboys”, “cucks”, and “limpwristed” “snowflakes” thought it was a bad idea to take pleasure at being as offensive as possible just for fun.

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Michelle Who? Link? More to the story?

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I don’t have a link. It was a TV report. But I’m sure there is a link out there.

Michelle who??? OBAMA???

You are quite welcome. Thanks for your participation. :blush:

There’s no link to the story you are referring to.

Michelle bachman. Sounds like her and her charge of light brigade

Why is “both parties” bolded when the entire OP is about Democrats and examples of Democrats saying boo hoo things about Republicans?

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Be nice if the dems ran on something besides racism… Like defining their new “socialism” in terms of policy…

Welcome to Conservatopia, The Magical Land of False Equivalence. Where Trump and the rest of the troglodytes can constantly lie, attack opponents with grade school level insults, consistently defend accused sexual predators, peddle in casual racism, lock up children in cages with no plan for family reunification, but if you dare to call them out on it you are “just as bad”.

Home to mostly Republicans, but a fair number of intellectually lazy “independents” as well.


What was wrong with Hillary’s deplorable speech? You don’t think racists, sexists, and other bigots are deplorable?

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Dems run on racism.

Dems full of them… See Hollywood.

They fit in the basket as well. Nice deflection attempt.

Mark Dice was the only place I could find this vid from the Emmys… It’s the most racist thing I’ve ever seen on TV. They sing about “diversity” which does not include white men

It’s like Nazis singing about how they hate Jews, I’m amazed…

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Welcome to Conservatopia, where Trump can call white supremacists “good people”, refer to peaceful black athletes protesting injustice as “sons of ********” who should be fired, attack the heritage of a judge handling his Trump University case, repeatedly refer to predominantly black countries as **** holes where people live in “huts” and everyone has AIDs, spend years peddling the racially motivated conspiracy theory that the first black President was actually not born in America, and attack the parents of a dead American soldier based on his ignorant beliefs about their culture, yet if you dare to criticize him for these things the army of troglodytes will accused you of “playing the race card”.


Who the ■■■■ is Michelle? OBAMA or BACHMAN or MALKIN?

Good observation. It was from a TV report. I get my news form many sources including TV. Have you tried to find a link?