AZ politician David Stringer reportedly solicited sex from teen boys

"In November 2018, Stringer was pressured to resign from leadership positions in House committees due to remarks made to Arizona State University students following a presentation at a political history and leadership club. Stringer stated that when European immigrants come to the United states that “After the second or third generation, everybody looks the same, everybody talks the same. But that’s not the case with African-Americans and other racial groups, because they don’t melt in, they don’t blend in.” Stringer subsequently resigned from his position as committee chair for the House Sentencing and Recidivism Reform Committee. On December 4, the Prescott City Council, by a vote of 6-1, passed a resolution, “that demands Stringer step down immediately so that a replacement can be named before the legislative session begins in 2019.”

Then, a month or so ago an Arizona newspaper reported that he’d been charged with 5 sex crimes (two child porn charges) back in 1983.

He finally resigned yesterday.

Here’s a campaign website…

this article from December tries to explain why Stringer received twice as many votes as the democrat in his rural district of AZ…

I’ll wait for Babs Streisand to weigh in.


Cool. Did we elect her to something? Does she represent anyone but herself?

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First posts in threads about evil are educational.

Are you really trying to dismiss Babs? Seriously?

Africans and other non white people look differently than us white peoples? Really?!

He was just trying to educate people.

Just love the comments at the end of the article about “the U S voluntarily surrendering its national identity.”

Has this goof never had a course in American history? What does he call the forced separation of indigenous peoples? Is he not aware of Mexican decended people being part of the southwestern states since they were Mexican territories? The presence of African descended since they were sold in African nations?

I understand Prescott is a white, retirement majority community that largely supports issues like limiting taxation & school choice. This vote, however, should be embarrassing.


You are. Her name is Barbra.

They sure are. But things we mostly already knew.

Is anyone surprised that the party of family values produced yet another child molester? 3…2…1 before trump himself defends him.

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Maybe if he was just a ***** grabber. Pedofile… maybe not.

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So he’s gone and we have a thread about this, but the left was just fine with the mayor of Seattle (ed murray) when I posted about him a few years ago??

I know, right? Left wingers did bad stuff 100 years ago too. Why isn’t anybody talking about that?


I thought ‘whataboutism’ was a liberal crutch. Good to see it has it’s place.

She represents people. People who need people. The luckiest people in the world.

Everything I know about “whataboutism” I was taught by Republicans and Conservatives here in Hannityland since February 2007.

My lessons didn’t start until a year later, but “whatabouting” Clinton was still going on full strength in Bush’s last year.

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