Avengers 4 Trailer finally dropped

And its pretty underwhelming.

But I imagine its hard to make a trailer of the movie that wouldn’t be absolutely spoilerish.

Can’t put Captain Marvel in it until we’ve seen her movie. Can’t put all the characters who will be brought back because thats spoilerish.

They were probably very limited with many of the characters in finding scenes with them that wouldn’t be spoilerish.

Best part though was seeing Hawkeye as Ronin (for the non comic readers this is an identity he took up for a while where he’s badass with swords and knives instead of a bow).

Just watched it. I thought it was okay - showing the surviving heroes at their lowest before the final round begins. I wasn’t flipping tables and cheering, but I’ll have my ass in a theater seat when the movie is released.

It was more exciting and had more information about the coming movie than the prelude comic did that came out on Wednesday.