Avenatti Arrested for Domestic Violence Allegation

So viable that he was polling at exactly 0% before this news even broke.

See, unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t consider being an egomaniacal ******** a prerequisite in their leaders.


That’s four words.


ABC is now reporting it was told by a police source he was arrested as well.

The question is whether he did it. HIs wife says no. More details need to come out.


Which side of the aisle do you think I’m on?

Avenatti is a good lawyer - perhaps even a great one.

He’s also a slimy dude. I’ve met him - he’s an alumni of my law school, and former protege of one of my favorite professors.

When people make jokes about lawyers, Avenatti is a perfect example of what they’re talking about.

But when you need a lawyer, that type is who you call - if you can afford it.


Remember that Trump sent someone to threaten Stormy’s kid’s life in front of her. So let’s really wait until the facts come out.

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From what I’ve been able to put together, he has been arrested - but his wife may not have been invovled.

We’ll just have to wait to see.

I’m thinking girlfriend. His wife filed for divorce and got the house in temp papers if I remember right.

don’t be silly

Police confirming he was arrested

He is a dirt bag.

Why is this in politics

Uh oh…


I’m sorry.

Was Ellison convicted of anything?

Or now do you think if one is accused of something, one is automatically guilty?

Are you even aware of the term hypocrisy?

Also, do you know how to count?


Wondering if Avenatti is suddenly not enamored with the phrase “She must be believed!”



yeah thats a good one

he trapped himself


Wait… hold up.

I was inclined to believe this story.

Now that Surefire Intelligence has somehow taken credit for it, I’m certain it’s a lie.

Funny how things come back and bit em in the ass. :rofl:



Why wouldn’t it be?

If this turns out to be a hoax by Jason Wohls fake
company then the America Show has officially jumped the Shark.