Availability of Ammo

Silly me: all that discussion of are there two gun shops or three. I wanted to set the record straight.

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Again that wasn’t their ‘point.’ More like, silly lib state with no manly men who obsess over guns and ammo.

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fear of instant repercussions

whenever they are stopped

gee i dunno

maybe those on the forum who put their lives on the line everyday might have an opinion

A well placed shot or shots to the CNS or heart/major vessels.

Yeah that is defense, not necessarily the best way to stop crime.

Who needs ammo. Just put a white flag on your front door and make would be robbers think you have corona.

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No it doesn’t.

You asked what will always stop criminals and I answered.

umkay thanks

In a single situation that’s why I have weapons as well, long term there are better solutions.

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Not really. A dead criminal will never reoffend.

Micro vs macro. Not very high odds you will need to use your weapon once, let alone multiple times.

Despite the best efforts of liberals. 21 in one state? Ooooh , I’m impressed.

That all depends on where you live and where you travel.

Make the consequences for crime severe enough and we can eliminate most of it.

I have 1.

Part of the solution yes, as I mentioned before, character matters, people have to learn that.




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It was a joke. Good Lord.