Autoscrolling and how it's annoying

Can ya send a letter up the chain to get it fixed?
I’ll be reading a post and it auto scrolls 5 posts down…which i wasnt ready for and violates my freedoms…


Maybe your mouse wheel/scroll is jammed.

I haven’t had that issue, nor any other reports of it.

I’m getting the same issue occasional.

It seems to happen when you are viewing a thread and someone posts a new reply while you are trying to get caught up. You’ll be on say post 125, and as soon as someone posts a new reply it will scroll to the new reply - which may be something like post 160.

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Negative…I’m not the only one…

I never had that problem unless mods are deleting posts while we’re posting in thread. Then I get the erratic scrolling.

I have only noticed it when near the end of the thread. I’ll see if anything can be done.

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That OP is funny.

It happens to me too and I don’t use a mouse.

That is what I have been experiencing too.