Automatically Guilty!

One of the greatest things about America, is that under law, you’re suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. But what if the law wasn’t like that? What if anyone could randomly accuse anyone else of any crime without proof? What if a person that was accused of whatever crime was presumed guilty automatically, without being able to clear there good name? Not only would it destroy someone’s reputation, but it would ruin their life completely. It would be immoral and sick to do this kind of processing to anyone. It is Anarchy, and it is the kind of law that one political side wants in this country. But why would they want it in this country, and who would vote to put such people in the office that would promote such things? Think about being accused of something that you didn’t do. The person accusing you has no evidence against you, but you go to prison for it anyways, just because that is how the new law works. Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! Automatically Guilty!

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