Authoritarian nature of libs today

Who is the authoritarian?

Florida Dem Frederica Wilson. says making fun of members of congress online should be prosecuted. I am curious if it is just congress or should senators be thrown in the mix. What about presidents?

These are some quotes:

And another gem:

So if this is the case, and members shouldnt be intimidated, are Congress members still free to intimidate others? Can Aunti Maxine call for violence, ridicule and shaming against the likes of Republican members with impunity?

Remember the whole

Shouldnt Aunti Maxine beone of the first ones prosecuted?

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Just taking a page out of Trump’s book, where he’s going to prosecute journalists and others he considers his “enemies.” Nothing to see here. Move along…

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I would say that really started with the Obama Admin and James Rosen being declared an “Un-Indicted Co-Conspiritor”

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I don’t think we’re supposed to take her seriously. Have you seen her hat? Never take someone serious who looks like that.


Oops. You aren’t supposed to mention that.

Yeah, so we have Obama 2.0 in office now. Great - just great.

Show me.

Just one of many. White House even started a website to collect the grievances of persecuted cons by social media.

Exactly how I expected you would respond.

The OP is about DEMs looking to limit free speech, making it illegal to criticize a congress person. We see attempts to shutdown conservatives all of the time in social media, on campuses, etc…

When conservatives complain about the censorship they are villainized as whiners.

That is exactly what you are pointing to here. Its kind of comical and is exactly what this thread is about.

It’s the political nature we are in. Republicans gripe about Democrats trying to shut down critical voices. Democrats gripe about Trump and other Republicans trying to shut down critical voices.

Frankly, both sides have been doing for years - yet we still have people that somehow act surprised when it happens.


Once again please show me where conservatives have attempted to shutdown free speech.

Oh, I didn’t say conservatives had done it.

I said Trump and Republicans had tried to do it.

Big difference.


Please show me.


why would he want to stifle this book?


Will this work for you? Probably not. But Trump has threatened the news media more than once. Not to mention inciting violence against them at his rallies.

California has them all beat. Kind of a slim lead for them over Oregon though.

So where exactly did he make an effort to shut down and censor anyone? That’s what happens on college campuses across the U.S. on a regular basis. Conservatives are not allowed to speak for fear of their life.

Are you safely nestled in your bunker?