Australian parties 'hacked by state actor'

Who do you have your money on? China? Russia?

Anyway, Australia needs to take this seriously and investigate until they find the criminals.

Damn - that “deep state™” thing must be contagious - now it’s spread to Australia.


Just goes to show how “Fake News” all this deep state BS is


Romney warned and Obama laughed at him. So, did the media… Another Obama admin failure.

He needs another electoral college victory. Probably gonna lose the popular vote again.

Being a tween on twitter doesn’t help. While adultering, lying, cheating and attacking people.

That strategy failed for the Clinton’s this time.

Who is the bigger failure? The president who failed to recognize a threat or the one who aided and abetted that same threat

Yes… Merkel is a real failure…

Deflectors at full power captain!!

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Your punt was expected. Thanks for not disappointing

Yeah, mainly because voters who claimed to care about family values and not cheating people out of money must have been fibbin.

Australia needs help.

Send McConnell over there stat! He’ll get them quickly on the way to doing nothing about it.

If that doesn’t work, send Nunes. He’ll cover the thing up for them.

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