Australian bushfire crises

A lot of Acacai was senselessly murdered by filthy Australian pyromaniacs. That’s the real tragedy here.

The claim that arson is primarily responsible for Australia bushfire crises is not correct and ought not be continued to be disseminated.

Whilst there has been some promising rain fall totals in the bushfire areas in the eastern states of Australia there is still a long way to go.

I have posted a link relating to Kangaroo Island bushfire and its impact on the animals there. Be warned there are some distressing images.

I have also provided a couple of links to show the wonderful support that we have received from all over the world. It is very much appreciated.

A sad update on our bushfire crises:

Just an update about our bushfires:

Some positive news:

Great news! That firefighter in the rain looked overjoyed!

It has been a hard slog for our firies for many months; some of whom have tragically lost their lives including three Americans, fighting our bushfires,. In the south-west of my state we are still facing another 6-8 weeks of our peak bushfire season.

First come the fires, then come the mudslides.

This is what happens when you allow Nature to tend to Nature. lol

A further update:

As part of the effort to provide support for those affected by our bushfires (the latest figure I have heard is that this concert has raised around $8.8 million dollars so far):