Australia: Unionized construction workers take on union leaders and the Labor government

Unionized construction workers in Melbourne were out in force protesting against forced vaccinations that are supported by the state’s Labor government and their union leaders. Union leaders refused to speak to the protestors, and most of the workers had voted for the Labor government.

Unlike other protests, police did not interfere for many hours. They eventually used rubber bullets to attack the protestors, but did not arrest the protestors.

Warning: R-rated language.

Workers of the world unite against forced vaccinations?


Women in their 70’s are a lot easier to beat up on for daring to go outside. :wink:


Yes, elderly ladies are fair game. Burly construction workers are not as easy to attack.

Things are getting crazy in Melbourne.


This is what happens when people spend their entire lives upside down.


The number of cases has exploded in Melbourne and the surrounding area since the lockdowns started in early August. The COVID-zero policy is collapsing.



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The Australian police are attacking unarmed protesters with rubber bullets and preventing media from covering the violence. Rubber bullets can be lethal.

Shooting people for their health!


There is no Labour government in Victoria.

I wonder what the numbers are in NSW where there is a LNP state government.

Let me point out that the dominant, and by a significant margin, newspaper group is owned by News Corp owned by Rupert Murdoch et al. Sky News (Australia) is owned by Murdoch.

The ABC (Australia) is the most trusted media source for news.

And for the record the Victorian government cannot enact legislation that applies to any other state or territory.

That is a tepid statement over 600 lousy cases and 3 covid deaths.

This does support the fact that excessive restrictions merely prolong the pain. Like a smoldering fire eventually covid finds it’s oxygen.

Shame on Australia.

What excessive restrictions?

Killing shelter dogs.

Pepper spraying elderly protesters.

Rubber bullets.

House restrictions.

Business closures…etc.

The feigned indignation particularly relating to members of the CFMEU is absolutely hilarious. Those involved in the protests have shown no respect.

What house restrictions? Perth will be hosting an Aussie Rules grand final with a capacity crowd at the stadium.

The premier is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Who is really running the government?

Not the Labour Party.

Labor and Labour are two different parties?

In the Australian context, one exists and the other doesn’t.

Okay, I corrected the spelling in the OP.

I assumed that Australians used British spelling, not American.

In the UK and NZ there is the Labour Party.